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57系列设计接头是用于解决在高速管网压力下易磨损的问题。虽然其尺寸与通用型55系列的不相同,但其内部结构完全是进行全新设计,特点是采用了当今的超级硬密封材质。57系序列同时具有耐磨损与超级硬密封的综合特点。57系序列是真正的可现场维修的接头,其独特的设计使之能够很方便地同时更换两个密封。 由于57系列接头的耐磨性(2年担保)及其相当低的维修成本,这也是解决磨损问题的最经济的方案。

Deublin 157-016-738
Deublin 357-051-198



57系列水介质应用型接头的特点是;在氟橡胶材料的O型密封环的基础上采用了碳化硅对石墨密封。实验表明,在同样的水质条件下,这种组合式密封比仅采用石墨对陶瓷的密封能延长10倍之多的使用寿命。657系列采用的是碳化钨对石墨的材料 。



Deublin 57系列旋转接头特点:

- 单通道与双通道设计
- 自带支撑旋转接头
- 径向壳体连接
- 平衡式机械密封
- 密封更换快速简单(转体密封,浮动密封)
- 键式转体密封滚珠轴承润滑延长使用寿命
- 可应用于恶劣水质(E. L.S.型)
- 3个排水口
- 锻造铜壳体
- 不锈钢转体(3/8″~1″)
- 特别可选项:螺纹排出口

deublin 157-050-151
deublin 157-016-738
deublin 155-000-002
deublin 157-000-151
deublin 157-060-151
deublin 157-006-021
deublin 255-000-015
deublin 355-000-002
DEUBLIN 155-122-151 DN 15

1/2'' BSP
1/2'' BSP
3500 rpm
50 bar
Temp. Max.120oC
DEUBLIN 55-655-094 DUPLO

DN 10
3/8'' BSP
1/4'' BSP
3500 rpm
50 bar
Temp. Max.120oC


Deublin Rotating Unions for Modern Printing Machines

Up-to-date rotating unions for modern printing machines

They are concealed from view, but the functionality of modern printing machines would be unthinkable without them: Rotating unions.Druckmaschine

Whether it is a sheet-fed offset, web-fed offset or a gravure printing machine, rotating unions are the link between the rotating rollers and the pipe and tube connection to the heater or cooling circuit for the tempering of colour distributing rollers, printing colour units or dampening systems.

Experts recognize them easily by the brass-coloured housing, if the electronic component layer on the side of the machine is moved aside.

Tempering and constant temperature maintenance is generally an essential basis for equal, reproducible quality at the highest machine speeds. This is also the key to reducing start-up and production waste, which is a substantial cost factor.

drehdurchführung für druckmaschinenWhat makes the “rotating union” component so important for this task?

As it guides the tempering medium in or out of the rotating part, its technology and its development level have a large influence on the overall efficiency of the machine:

- Primarily in the form of optimized flow channels and lower turbulence, synonymous with an even temperature profile and increased quality with reduced wastage.

- Secondarily in terms of the necessary energy usage, as current rotating union models only represent low losses in pressure and likewise a low friction coefficient, with the result that pump and motor output can be reduced. As well as the cost advantage, less energy usage also means a CO2 reduction, which is an important aspect nowadays.

Moreover, in this case the tertiary aspect shall not ignored: the service life of a rotating union.

drehdurchführung für druckmaschinen2This highlights the difference between branded goods and cheap products, quickly separating the “wheat from the chaff”.

It is an undisputed fact that every rotating union that is based on the principle of a “balanced mechanical seal” represents a wear part, because although the slip rings are lubricated, they are subject to wear and tear over time.

It is not difficult to notice a resulting cost driver: How often (or seldom) must the rotating unions be replaced? Can the rotating unions be replaced as part of a regular machine maintenance plan or does an unplanned stoppage need to occur for that to be carried out?

The quality philosophy of manufacturers of branded products such as DEUBLIN commands that the operator should only have to carry out maintenance as seldom as possible, or in other words, the service life is maximised.

This requires consequent material research on the part of the manufacturer, in order that highly wear-resistant material combinations can be used for mechanical seals. Likewise, during the manufacturing process there must be a focus on achieving the highest possible surface quality and true running of the mechanical seal, as these factors directly affect the service life.

Low-cost rotating union models generally lack these features. Neither the material combination, surface quality or true running are designed so that the operator will not need to carry out maintenance for a long period of time.

In terms of “total cost of ownership”, also considering machine downtime and (frequent) maintenance, the cost driver “cheap rotating unions” quickly springs to mind.

In the long run, cutting-edge technology pays off!



在德国、法国、瑞士等世界一流的高速印刷( Heidelberger海德堡,Roland罗兰,GOSS高斯印刷机,三菱印刷机 Mitsubishi)上,油墨的温度会受到严格的控制来保证印刷过程所使用的非水性和水性油墨的印刷质量,Deublin杜博林旋转接头使密封面达到几近完美的配合,即密封必须微搭接,不考虑介质的压力因素,而使加载在密封表面的负荷或压力保持在最低限度,并且能够平滑稳定地旋转及摩擦减少到最低限度,以延长使用寿命并保证无泄漏。 印刷机械行业常用旋转接头型号:

旋转接头 357-051-198 现货
旋转接头 157-016-738 现货
旋转接头 527-012-498
旋转接头 1157-016-733
旋转接头 357-051-198
旋转接头 257-098-135  现货
旋转接头 257-045-424 现货 
旋转接头 257-045-425 现货 
旋转接头 257-076-284  现货
旋转接头 355-000-222  现货
旋转接头 357-051-198 现货 
旋转接头 157-000-151987 现货 
旋转接头 257-098-135290 现货 
旋转接头 157-000-151987 现货 
旋转接头 257-031-048 现货
旋转接头 357-000-019
旋转接头 257-000-003044
旋转接头 157-130-151  现货
旋转接头 157-000-151 现货


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