Multi-Passage Soft-Seal Rotating Unions Now Available



A new product line of multi-passage soft-seal rotating unions is now available from Deublin Company. Rotating unions are components in a broad range of equipment applications that require connection between stationary supply lines, and rotating equipment including cylinders, rolls, spindles and clutches.多通道软密封旋转接头的新产品线现在可从Deublin公司获得。旋转接头是一系列设备应用中的部件,需要在固定供应线和旋转设备(包括气缸、辊、主轴和离合器)之间进行连接。

While rotating unions are used to convey virtually all types of liquid or gas ( steam, water, coolant, hydraulic or cutting fluids, inert gas or vacuum ), multi-passage rotating unions are used when more than one media must be conveyed simultaneously using different passages. Soft-seal refers to the Plastomeric seal technology, which is a combination of plastic and elastomer, with a proprietary chemistry and geometry that differs by application.旋转接头用于输送几乎所有类型的液体或气体(蒸汽、水、冷却剂、液压或切削液、惰性气体或真空),当必须使用不同的通道同时输送多个介质时,则使用多通道旋转接头。软密封是指塑性体密封技术,它是塑料和弹性体的组合,具有专有的化学和几何结构,应用不同。

Applications for Deublin multi-passage soft-seal unions include machine tools, ladle turrets used in steel continuous casting, and metal coil winding, plastic and rubber manufacturing, and more. Deublin多通道软密封接头的应用领域包括机床、用于钢连铸的钢包回转台、金属线圈缠绕、塑料和橡胶制造等。

Deublin offers standard, semi-custom, and custom options depending on the requirements of each application. Standard features include 2-8 passages, while custom passages for the largest applications can be 22 or more. Port types include NPT, BSP, or SAE.Deublin根据每个应用程序的需求提供标准、半自定义和自定义选项。标准功能包括2-8个通道,而最大应用的自定义通道可以是22个或更多。端口类型包括NPT、BSP或SAE。

A new brochure is available in print (request MPSS142 US)



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